Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Halloween is an ideal holiday for meeting American girls, if you approach it the right way.  Every year during Halloween, I see American guys, in their typical heavy-handed way, trying to impress girls with their costumes.  They typically fall into two types of costumes: costumes that are overly sexual and will only impress insecure girls from very low class families, where most likely their fathers sexually abused them, or they try to appear "cool" by making it seem like they did not put a lot of effort into their costume.  This sort of behavior is typical of American men, and is the number one complaint I hear when I talk with American girls who prefer foreign men.  It seems American men are always stuck in this strange immature state, where it almost seems they try to impress women with how immature they can be, whether by using sexual humor more appropriate for middle school, or trying too hard to seem like they are cool and don't care enough, like a typical teenager.  It is truly strange how so called American men never grow out of this stage.

American girls, on the other hand, do grow out of this, and arrive at a stage where they thirst for knowledge, new experiences, and tend to seek more out of life.  It is this where foreign men, and in particular Chinese men, can come in.  However, to do this requires a great deal of confidence, and that is exactly what the American so-called men lack: they aren't confident enough in themselves to be able to genuinely have fun on Halloween.  No, they must either seem too cool to care, or make Halloween an overt show of their sense of humor and sexuality, in an attempt to impress women, but they don't realize this very insecurity makes them unattractive to women.  Speaking from experience, it is the truly confident who are able to successfully seduce women on Halloween.  I prefer to buy an elaborate, pre-made costume from a store, preferably of a profession (for example, the costume of a firefighter or a police officer or a cowboy) and then wear this costume.  Usually if the costume can show off some of my body, and is a bit suggestive for women, it is better, and particularly if the costume is not typical clothing for an Asian; this will make many girls curious and give them an excuse to talk to you.  For example, one year I wore the full costume of an American Western cowboy, and women would approach me saying "I've never seen an Asian cowboy before!"  I have had a lot of fun with this, and for all it's faults, seeing the beautiful girls in all manner of costumes on Halloween always reminds me how wonderful American can truly be...

Friday, October 14, 2011


Around the time of my affair with Gillian, I was teaching a GRE preparation course to local undergraduates to make some money on the side, and to try to supplement my earnings as a graduate student.  One of the students in my course was a girl with sexy dark eyes and long brown hair, named Susan.  She was very smart and creative, and was in the process of applying to graduate programs in graphic design, which was her passion.  Of course, America being what it is, her artistic passions would first have to be suppressed by the drudgery of the GRE exam, and it was my job to teach her techniques that would make the test easier for her.   At the conclusion of the class, all of my students had improved test scores, and I felt satisfied with my teaching success.  I invited the class out to grab drinks at a nearby bar to celebrate.  The class I was teaching was a mix of men and women, all Caucasian, but most of the students who joined me at the bar were a few girls from the class.  This was not too surprising, I often find that American men do not like associating with Asian men socially, perhaps this is a carried over racist attitude from America’s past, when many minorities, particularly blacks, were denied basic human rights?  It seems this sort of attitude of superiority is still very common today, particularly among Caucasian American men.  Nonetheless, I was happy to be joined by some very pretty American girls, particularly Susan, who always livened up my class with her witty comments and clever thoughts.

As we spent most of the night drinking, I felt a leg against my calf.  I looked across the table, and I noticed it was Susan, with a bold act that was shocking and exciting for me!  I tried to “keep cool”, and responded with a slight smile, but did not acknowledge this too directly.  This only encouraged her, and her leg continued to rub against mine, and I continue to look at her with a wry smile.  Eventually, I motion for her to lean across the table, and I whisper, “You know, you were my favorite student all along.  Teaching GRE exams is really a boring job, but because you were there, I looked forward to every class.  I was wondering if I could get your phone number?”  She responded “Maybe I could give it to you tomorrow morning”, before kissing me.  Such boldness!  Anticipation began tugging at my heart, desire began coursing through my body…

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gillian Part 2

Gillian would continue to come over from time to time, and we would enjoy each other's company.  Any talk regarding the day's events and humdrum life was always understood to be a precursor to the erotic pleasures that would come soon.  Before long, we had mastered each other's bodies; all the small touches, kisses, and nuzzles that would bring pleasure to the other person.  Gillian always enjoyed this sort of gentle, intimate foreplay at first, but before I knew it, she unleashed her incredible sexual appetite upon me.  Perhaps it was due to her anger at her husband, who was always away and unable to please her, or perhaps it was due to her disillusion with her life as a housewife (she had told me that her husband had forced her to give up a promising career, since to him and many American men, Asian women must be put in their place as subservient housewives).  Either way, our sessions would always end with her gripping my body, rocking back and forth almost violently, trying to grasp the only bit of joy she was able to have in the mundane life American society had forced upon her.  Eventually, she would scream in ecstasy and release, so loudly in fact, that I would worry that her husband or daughter (who lived in the house next to my apartment) would hear.

This whole time, Gillian would go from being sexually agressive, to feeling shy and ashamed of what she had done.  In spite of her horrible husband, I suppose she still had some feeling of guilt.  After our love making, she would often grab her clothes and run away in shame, which bothered me, since it meant I would not be able to enjoy the post-sex intimacies with her.  No, with Gillian there was limited cuddling and whispering and playing with each other's bodies after the sex was done; all of that was saved for before the sex occured, or kept locked within our bodies for the next session.  Eventually, I suppose, the guilt got to be too much for her, though deep down I always felt that in light of a husband that had left her so neglected and disrespected, and a society that left her in such an unhappy position, she had nothing to be ashamed of.  Nonetheless, she started coming by less and less, and our sessions became more and more mechanical and uninspired.  Eventually, she simply indicated with her body language and her behavior that we could still keep in touch, as friends, from time to time, but there would be no more of the delightful, wonderfully erotic intimacies we had shared.  An unpleasant result of this is that I began to see Gillian less and less; she would not come to my apartment, and seemed to use her knowledge of my schedule to avoid running into me.  A bit later, I saw a foreclosure sign outside her house, saw a number of trucks outside, and before long she and her family had moved away.  I suppose, in the end, her husband had behaved in the manner of so many Americans, and his actions had brought down his beautiful wife and young daughter...  America, so beautifully great and so disgustingly tragic!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gillian - The Married Older Woman

In this post, I will tell about the older woman who was my neighbor who I slept with.  It is well known older women often posess a lot of wisdom and sexual experience, particularly American women, and are very excited when they get the opportunity to pass on their sexual knowledge to young men.  This experience can be very beneficial for young men.  In this case, I first met Gillian when she was bringing her daughter to my home for trick-or-treat on Halloween.  I was not very familiar with this American tradition, and I was embarassed that I did not have candy available, so I invited them in.  Her daughter, barely able to speak, was dressed up in a costume of a princess that was supposed to be "pretty" and "cute" and "appropriate for a girl".  I quietly laughed at this; Americans always say how advanced they are in feminism and gender equality, yet every year, during Halloween, they trot out even their youngest girls in such outfits!  Such a hypocritical country!  But of course, this is something that everyone outside of the US already knows.

Most of my conquests in the United States have been white women, who I find exotic and inviting and incredibly adventurous, such as Samantha and Clara from my previous posts.  Gillian, however, was third generation Chinese, but barely spoke Chinese aside from a few Cantonese terms.  She was in her early 30's, and had married an older white man in his 40's, who, it seems, had trouble gaining erections.  Judging from all the viagra ads I constantly see on tv, this problem must be very common among middle aged American white men; this leaves them unable to satisfy their wives, and as a result, their wives can become more open and uninhibited with their Chinese lovers. 

Things developed with Gillian a bit slowly: at first, I did not think of seducing her.  However, her husband worked very long hours (or so he claimed -- between Tiger Woods and Arnold Schwarzenneger and countless other American men, it seems like every middle aged American men must cheat with an unattractive blob of a woman, while their beautiful wives are left lonely and yearning at home).  As a result, she would come to my place a lot -- just to chat -- or that is what she told me.  She had a wonderful laugh, and we would talk for long periods of time.  She had long, wispy, graceful hair, and her makeup always adorned and flattered her face, unlike the CHinese women whose faces look painted on when they wear makeup.  Gillian was very curious about Chinese culture, since she had lost hers, and she came over about once a week to enjoy some LongJing tea or watch a Hong Kong action movie.  She had lost her identity, or perhaps more aptly, America had forcibly stripped her of her identity, and this left her cold and ashamed.  Not least of this shame was from her white husband, who had quite a bit of money but no feelings, no emotion.  She spoke often of how cold and distant he was, how he treated her like an object and called her his "China doll" as if there was no person, no soul, behind her, only an empty fetish object on which he could project all his desires.  I find this is the thinking of most white men with Asian women: they cannot appreciate the woman for who she truly is, for her thoughts, opinions, and soul; to these men, Asian women represent a status symbol, a subservient wife who they can mistreat as they wish.  But women are so much more, they have so much passion, so much pleasure they can enjoy, so much beauty and enchantment... and it is a shame that is all wasted on these men.

One day, after a long game of basketball, Gillian came over and we began talking.  I mentioned I was very tired and sore, and she offered to give me a massage.  I took off my shirt (I often sat shirtless around my apartment, and Gillian would often come over, and I always noticed her eyes gape at my tan chiseled physique, in such stark contrast to her husband's pudgy white flesh), and Gillian began to rub my back.  Her hands moved slowly and surely, a truly wonderful massage: before she had been married, Gillian had worked as a yoga instructor, and her hands were totally in tune with my body.  But I was feeling extra mischievous, so I turned around, grasped her hands, and jokingly said: "That's not how you give a massage... geez, have you ever even given a massage before?!"  She reacted with a playful punch to my chest, and I spun her around, and whispered in her ear, "I think I should show you how to give a real massage."  My hands worked across her back, slowly drifting across her shoulders, her back, the small of her back... I breathed in the wonderful scent of her hair and peeked at the lingerie peeking out from beneath her tank top.  It was a black lace and leopard print bra.. a clear sign that she had been expecting certain activities when she came to my apartment that night.  I decided to let the tension build, to continue massaging her shoulders, her back, working my hands in circular motions while breathing heavier and heavier behind her, playing with her long silky hair... until I couldn't resist, and my lips went to her neck, tasting her sugary skin and hearing her let out a sudden and loud moan.....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Best Places to Meet American Girls: Community Service

As a Chinese overseas student, it is not everywhere that will be good for meeting American girls.  In certain situations and certain locations, American racist attitudes about Asian and Chinese men will affect the success.  For example, American movies present bars and nightclubs as a place to meet very wild and sexual women, but I have not had much success in these places at all (only once have I slept with a girl I met in a nightclub since coming to USA, and I will tell that story at a later date).  In nightclub, these women want to meet guys who are insensitive or jerks who will treat them like shit.  Most Chinese men are raised to be respectful of women, and will not stoop to this level, and in fact do not respect women who are like this.

So... what are some good places to meet American girls?  I will use this series to list some.  I have found that American girls who do community service are much more open to dating a Chinese man.  At most American universities, there are many community service organizations, and even in the working world, there are many community service opportunities.  The girls who attend these organizations tend to be much more worldly, and open-minded to dating a foreign man.  In addition, these girls are often very kind-hearted, since they are volunteering their time to help others.  It is almost always the case that it is the most kind-hearted American girls who date Chinese men, while the shallow, cold-hearted and selfish American girls will not even acknowledge a Chinese man.  Being a Chinese man, I must say this situation is not entirely negative... after all, wouldn't we all rather meet kind, caring women?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Samantha, my first midwestern girl

Today I will write about Samantha, the first midwestern girl I dated. Many people believe that midwestern Americans are very close-minded and not open to dating outsiders, and that they lack education and culture, and the girls there are "farmer's daughters." Unfortunately, this is true for many midwestern American girls, however, for the ones that are more open-minded, they are very much interested in dating foreign (including Chinese) guys.

Shortly after my relationship with Clara ended, a friend and I were taking a vacation from the West coast to the East coast. We thought it would be fun to rent a convertible in the middle of summer, and drive across the USA with the roof of the convertible down, and see much of the American countryside. While driving across the country, we stopped briefly in Lawrence, Kansas. This is well known as the location of The University of Kansas, a school known for having a very good basketball team, and for having many pretty girls. We drove around the campus, and then saw a number of pretty American college girls sitting outside this cafe called Aimee's Coffeehouse. We couldn't resist stopping by, at the very least to have a cup of coffee. While we were there, I noticed there was a girl writing Chinese characters into a practice book. I quickly realized that this girl was studying Chinese language, and I walked up to her and asked her (in Chinese) if her homework was very hard. She smiled at me, a very innocent, sweet, good natured smile that really made me happy and excited. Her name was Samantha, she told me that she was studying Chinese, and that she wanted someone to practice Chinese with.

Now, we all know that American guys in China, when they want to pick up Chinese girls, will find a Chinese girl who wants to practice her English, and then exploit this opportunity to eventually sleep with the Chinese girl. In fact, a lot of the time, American guys in CHina are just losers who cannot make it in America so they go to China to teach English and try to sleep with Chinese girls. In this case, I thought to myself, perhaps the same will be true with me and this American girl! I told Samantha I would be delighted to help her practice Chinese, and for the rest of the day, she would speak Chinese to me. She had a strong American accent, and I would playfully tease her about this, and she would giggle every time I did this. She asked me questions about China and the U.S. West Coast (where I lived in those days), and was very impressed that I had been to so many places. It seems that, she had grown up in the midwest in Kansas, but did not like it there very much, and felt that there was not enough culture there. Instead, she wanted to travel and see the outside world, and to her I appeared very worldly and cultured, since I was from a country on the other side of the world.

At this time, my friend, an American black guy, who was chatting with another girl in the coffee shop, gave me a smile and walked away with his girl. I knew what this meant: we would stay in Lawrence that night, and see how things would play out. The anticipation of what might happen with Samantha was building up for me. I noticed she began to lean in while she spoke to me, so that I could look deep into her bright, sparkling eyes, and breathe in her sweet breath. Every time I teased her about her poor Chinese pronunciation, she giggled in that sweet, innocent way that drives any warm-blooded man crazy.

It was getting a bit late, and we noticed that we had been chatting for 4 hours! I asked her if she wanted to get some dinner, and she admitted she was very hungry. We walked down Massachusetts Avenue, the main street in Lawrence, and stopped in an upscale Italian restaurant. We ate dinner and spoke some more, and she told me she really enjoyed wine, so I ordered a bottle and, to my great surprise, she drank most of the bottle. It is really quite ridiculous that in the USA, young people are not allowed to drink until they are 21 years old, and yet Americans always lecture about how much freedom they have! In reality, this makes young Americans, particularly young American girls, drink in secret at parties or sneaking into bars whenever they can, and they always drink a very large amount, enough to be very drunk. This is something a smart guy should know to take advantage of.

Samantha was no different: she became very drunk, and even as we were walking down the street, we began to kiss and make out. She took me to her apartment, where undressing her was an absolute delight. She wore rather plain, somewhat traditional underwear, with red dots and frilly pink lace, and she was very embarassed by this. I laughed and told her that I enjoyed it, that it made her seem even more sweet and cute, and then I began to pleasure her. At this, she clutched my manhood and began to give me pleasure with her mouth, a bit of a surprise to me, given how innocent she had seemed just a moment before. She then slipped my manhood into her, and screamed in ecstasy. She was almost shockingly tight, gripping me more strongly than I have ever experienced before, even with Chinese girls. It was incredible, and her charming smiling face twisted into amazing expressions of pleasure that I could not have imagined on her.

After we were done, we talked a bit more, about our families.  Her father was a very conservative farmer, a church going man, who would not approve of her relationships with an Asian man, but due to her rebellious side, she enjoyed disobeying this conservative father very much.  This information was certainly contrary to the image of Americans as open-minded that we are often presented with, and made what we had just done even more exciting for me, so much so that we made love a second time.  Eventually, she went to sleep beside me, and snored a bit softly, which I found cute and affectionate. The next morning, she woke up very early, woke me up, and told me she had to go to church! This was a bit of a shock to me, but I bid her goodbye, called my friend (who, like me, had had success the night before), and we were on our way. Ah, the girls of the midwest, the farmer's daughters... so beautiful, so innocent, so ready to enjoy the pleasures of the world!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why I post in English

Just a quick post to explain why my posts are in English instead of Chinese... as an overseas Chinese, in order to successfully seduce American girls, you MUST be fluent in English (speaking, reading, and even writing).  Improving your English should be a daily task.  I hope my readers will treat my blog as practice for their English, and I treat this blog as an opportunity to practice my own English.  As I will show in later posts, being able to write well, especially being able to write good romantic emails, is a shortcut to undressing beautiful American girls!  My English was very bad even a short while ago, but through lots of reading, time spent practice writing, and speaking along with American TV shows, I was able to accomplish 铁杆磨成针.  I encourage all my fellow male overseas Chinese students to do the same.